We are a group of young creatives that are working to raise the profile of the arts in Croydon.

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We came together in 2015 following a consultation with young people carried out by Croydon Music and Arts, the council’s Youth Engagement Team and Fairfield Halls. They were looking to get a better idea about what young people thought about arts provision in Croydon. The findings were pulled together into a report which can be found here. Following the consultation, which worked with over 100 young people, CYAC was formed with a group of eight self-selected young people.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month,
5 – 8pm, (more often when we are planning our festival) and during the holidays too. Our meetings involve consultations from arts organisations, event planning, learning advocacy skills and meeting other interesting creatives!



We came together thanks to funding from A New Direction (A.N.D.), the Arts Council’s bridge organisation for London. This forms part of a larger piece of work called Creative Croydon. We are grateful to A.N.D. for their continued support!


I chose to be part of CYAC because a movement is happening! Croydon is changing! [It’s] Important I play my part and put the work in to see the change I want to see. I love how the sessions are run, super productive. I <3 Croydon
— Esmé, 18 years
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What We've Achieved

  • Contributed to a report on young people’s views about arts provision in Croydon

  • Helped design and deliver consultations with young people about ‘Barriers to Youth Arts Participation’ in Croydon

  • Acted as an Advisory Board for Croydon’s Museums, Libraries and Parks as well as cultural organisations such as Dance Umbrella and Turf Projects

  • Planned and produced our Launch Event that showcased local young performers and disseminated the Barriers report mentioned above

  • Produced three youth arts festivals that have showcased the work of over 40 creative organisations and enabled over 1,000 children, families and young people to access the arts.

  • Grown a solid link to Croydon’s Local Cultural Education Partnership, a strategic body for cultural education in the borough