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The role of the LCEP Board is to:

  • Share the outcomes of the work of the Croydon Youth Arts Collective (CYAC)

  • Use those outcomes and the board’s collective expertise to define the strategic needs for children and young people in Croydon which can be met through cultural education, including outcomes beyond education and culture, such as health and well-being and social outcomes

  • Help delivery partners to evidence their impact in meeting children and young people’s needs which can lead to successful funding bids and more cultural activity for children and young people

  • Support in school and out of school activity

  • Act as ambassadors for cultural education, complementing the student ambassador role of CYAC members


Our aims for cultural education are:

  • To celebrate, share and pass on our diverse cultural heritage

  • To enable children and young people to develop their cultural identity and their own artistic language

  • To contribute to their development and achievement

  • To enable children and young people to contribute to the cultural life of their communities and of Croydon

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In order to achieve our aims, we aim to support children and young people in the following ways:

  • Learning in the arts
    - Developing skills, knowledge and understanding across a range of the arts
    - Developing as artists in the art forms which interest them most

  • Learning through the arts
    - Able to express themselves through the arts and use the arts to solve personal and social issues
    - Using their learning in the arts to enable them to achieve in other areas

  • Learning about the arts
    - Becoming confident of their identity and their role in society making a positive contribution to their communities
    - Contributing as young artists to the cultural life of Croydon

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