A lot of our work is focused on consultation as it’s important for us to make sure we are representing the voice of young people fairly.


We have been involved in the following reports:

April 2015 – Creative Croydon report

This was a consultation with over 100 young people that we took part in where we expressed our views on arts provision in Croydon.


March 2016 – Overcoming Barriers to Access

We helped to design and facilitate consultations in seven very different education settings to consult young people about barriers to arts participation.


May 2017 – Youth Arts Takeover Impact Report

This report gives an overview of the successes and challenges of our first youth arts festival at the Croydon Clocktower.

CYAC Takeover 2017_0249.jpg

Culture Congress

In January 2018 we hosted a space at the Culture Congress where we asked attendees to make a pledge to help improve the cultural offer for young people in Croydon.

Click here to read the pledges and follow their journeys! 


Advisory Work 

We have been approached by various organisations for our views on their fundraising proposals and plans for new activity. These have included:

  • Croydon Libraries
  • Croydon Parks
  • Croydon Museums
  • Croydon Youth Council
  • Croydon Youth Congress
  • Dance Umbrella
  • Turf Projects
  • A Youth Music bid submitted by Croydon Music and Arts
  • Young Poet Laureate focus group
  • A-Level Art Exhibition

We are also a member of Croydon’s Local Cultural Education Partnership.


We are always very happy to offer opinions and guidance to organisations who would like some suggestions on their future plans.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to meet with us!